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Our variety of transducers includes such as audio, electromagnetic, power and thermoelectric modules. Our prices mean that getting what you need is possible.
Several audio transducers for converting electrical energy into acoustic energy, such as electromagnetic, microphone, horn drives, piezo, indicators and speakers, etc.
Electromagnetic transducers and loudspeakers for applications such as kitchen devices, medical and health care accessories, cellular phones, PDS, etc.Electromagnetic acoustic transducers for boiler tubes with oxidised and corroded surfaces, incinerators and refuse burners, nickel or permalloy plated ferrous metals, etc.
Power transducers for measuring a wide range of electrical parameters, where digital and analogue communication options are required.
Thermoelectric ModulesThermoelectric Modules
Thermoelectric modules produce a heating, cooling or stabilization effect by running electrical energy through the device and transferring heat from one side of the device to another against the temperature gradient. ?
Z*_Microphones **Reclassed CCS.088022004**Z*_Microphones **Reclassed CCS.088022004**
Lavalier microphones are small microphones worn on the body.

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.