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Thermal inter facial materials (TIM) are thermally conductive materials, which are applied to increase thermal contact conductance across jointed solid surfaces.
Electrically Conductive MaterialElectrically Conductive Material
Electrical conductive materials for electrical components such as IC, CPU and MOS, and connections between boards to enclosure walls to help heat conduction for applications including heat dissipation from LEDs, motherboards, power supplies, LCD TVs, notebooks, hubs, hand sets, memory modules and hard drives.
Fixing KitsFixing Kits
Fixing kits such as heat sink clips, transistors pads and other fixing parts for thermal interfaces.
Heat Sink PadsHeat Sink Pads
Heat sink pads used to transfer heat from hot surfaces or devices to cooler surface region of assembled devices.
A wide variety of insulators used in electrical equipment to support and separate electrical conductors without allowing current through themselves.
Thermal Insulators
Thermally Conductive Material

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