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Choose switch components by browsing categories such as actuators, connectors, finger guards, keys, lenses, sealing boots and more.
Actuators for electrical motors, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic pistons, relays, comb drives, piezoelectric actuators, thermal bimorphs, digital micro mirror devices and electro active polymers are some examples of such actuators.
Assembly HardwareAssembly Hardware
Assembly hardware components such as surface housings, ring nuts, endcaps, spacers, mounting collars, collar wrenches, terminal covers, mount plates, etc.
Switch bezels as supplementary items used with various series of switch products.
SPDT, latching and MOM switch bodies for covering switches and turning them on and off with safety.
Switch caps available in several colours and shapes for covering switches and protecting them from quick crumbling.
Several types of switch connectors for connecting safely and uniquely every switch.
Contact BlocksContact Blocks
Contact blocks mainly used in the electric power system, for frequently controlling AC motors and for protecting the circuit from the problem overload.
Finger GuardsFinger Guards
Protection covers and toggle switch guards for protecting the fingers of workers who manipulate the specific switches.
Common spare keys and secret keys for locking and unlocking mounted keylock switches in various materials.
LED lamps for switches in different colours for indicating whether a switch is on or off.
Emergency stop labels, buttons and legend holders for applications which require caution.
Switch lenses in different colours and shapes for indicating switch with more importance.
Removal ToolsRemoval Tools
Removal kits with fixing nut keys and bulb removers for fixing easier switches and any switch component.
Replacement Magnets
Sealing BootsSealing Boots
Sealing boots are designed to transmit mechanical energy, either internally or externally applied, depending on your application and environmental challenges.

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.