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Storage equipment such as cabinets, bags, cases, wall panels, boxes and liquid storage.
Anti-static trays, bags, cabinets, briefs, bins, PCB racks and other storage objects for avoiding electrostatic discharge of electronic equipment during transportation.
Many types of storage bags such as dissipative bubble bags, bin bags and liners, chip boxes, external HDD bags, camcorder bags and other bags for storage and protection purposes.
Recycling boxes, metallic drawer chests for tools and tool boxes, big storage bags and bins, assorters and compartment boxes for safe storage and organization of tools and equipment.
Various storage cabinets of different sizes and material for storing safely and organized electronic and electrical tools and equipment.
A wide range of cases of different materials and in many sizes and shapes for various purposes such as storing and protecting netbooks, musical instruments, microphones, etc.
Buckets, tubs, dispenser bottles, paint kettles, cans, mop buckets, tote trays and washing bowls for storing liquid harmless or toxic.
PCB holders and racks for storing PCB parts and hole PCB boards.
Wall PanelWall Panel
Wall organizer bin sets, louvred panels, storage packs, table racks and tool panels for organization of tools and materials of an electronic lab.
Z*_Shelving **Re classedCCS.103018004**Z*_Shelving **Re classedCCS.103018004**
Fridge shelves for storing items of large volume inside or outside of fridge.

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.