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Choose from a variety of fixed and variable resistors to ensure that high voltage never enters your favorite electronics.
Fixed resistors have a defined ohmic resistance and are not adjustable. They are available in axial leaded and surface mount packages as well as more customized packages depending on their application.
Fixed Network
Fixed NetworksFixed Networks
Resistor networks formed from metal glaze elements screened on ceramic substrates with strong clip construction terminals, small in size with high precise, able to meet the need for increasing the density of circuit assembling, extremely stable, accurate, and reliable.
Fixed Resistors
Rheostat resistors used in applications that require the adjustment of current or the varying of resistance in an electric circuit.
Variable / TrimmingVariable / Trimming
Trimmers used in superheat radio and television receivers, in the intermediate frequency, oscillator and RF circuits and variable potentiometers for audio control, television, motion control, transducers and computation.
Variable RotaryVariable Rotary
Variable rotary resistors with high power rating, resistance to humidity, resistance value in great adjustable range, widely used in educational modelling, load simulations, industrial machinery RPM adjustment, voltage and current adjustment, instruments and automated control installations.
Variable SlidingVariable Sliding
Variable sliding resistors for applications such as audio mixing consoles, test and measurement equipment, consumer electronics, and medical equipment.

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