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Equipment for the personal protection of the electronic engineer such as boots, clothing, ear defenders, face masks, goggles, helmets etc.
Welding blankets for protection from sparks, spatter and slag generated by welding or metal-cutting applications.
Various boots designs for easier access in wet or muddy places, difficult to reach locations, easier stepping and climbing.
Coveralls, high-visibility jackets, rain jackets, low rise trousers, polo shirts, hats, knee pads an many other clothing staff for professional dressing or protection in difficult or dangerous situations.
Ear DefendersEar Defenders
Ear defenders for protecting workers' ears from loud noises while working.
Ear PlugsEar Plugs
Ear plugs for protecting the ears from loud and unpleasant noises.
Eye Wash StationsEye Wash Stations
Eyewash stations used in the aid of rinsing of the eye in the case that they may be contaminated by foreign materials or substances.
Face MasksFace Masks
Face masks for protecting heavy duty workers from inhaling dangerous substances or from bringing their face together with liquid or solid toxic materials.
Fall ArrestFall Arrest
Anchorage connectors, harness and lanyard kits, twist locks, restraint and scaffold kits for fall protection which involves the safe stopping of a person already falling.
Fire AlarmFire Alarm
Fire detectors and alarm systems for detecting the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion and setting alarm for it.
Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers with carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder or water for car or home usage and fire blankets for extinguishing flames.
Fire Safety
First Aid
Consumables and first aid kits for every difficult occasion or accident where first aids should be applied.
Different kinds of protective and supporting gloves for keeping the hands and furthermore the hole workers safe and unharmed.
Safety and welding goggles and accessories for protecting worker's eyes from toxic gasses and fragments of several material.Anti-scratch or anti-mist, premium or safety goggles for eye protection from toxic gas or pieces and fragments.
Welding and other types of helmets for protecting the head and face of worker.Faceshields, hard caps, basic or vented helmets, short peak or slip ratchet helmets for protecting workers' heads usually on building sites.
Adjustable cable lockouts, gate valve covers and lockouts, grip tight circuit breakers, padlock stations for keeping the tools and PCB modules safe while not being used or being transferred.
Anti-fatigue, anti-skid, entrance, industrial, pressure sensitive or other types of mat for generally being placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes Cutting mats for cutting papers or other material on them without doing any damage to other surfaces and brazing mats for plumbing and brazing.
Several kinds or mirrors for indoor or outdoor protection broadening the filed of vision.
Personal AlarmPersonal Alarm
Different types of personal alarms for personal security of minors and children.
Pest ControlPest Control
Pest control items such as netting, glue-boards, insect killers, rat cages and traps, pest repellents and other similar objects for keeping insects and other harmful animals from reaching our territory.
Respirators and accessories for protecting the wearer from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapours, or gases.Respirator half masks and valved masks in a wide range of types and sizes used by the military, private industry, and the public.
Disposable overshoes for protecting the shoes and keeping the work lace clean and safety trainers and boots for protecting workers feet and enabling then to climb or stepping on dangerous surfaces.
Several types of signs and posters for indicating the limits of use of a premise.
Smoke/Gas/Heat detectorSmoke/Gas/Heat detector
Smoke, gas or heat detectors for detecting smoke, gas or heat in closed places and keeping the people safe from fire or gas leakage.
Chemical spill kits and oil absorbent sheets for absorbing chemical liquids or oil spills.
Spectacles and eyeglasses for keeping the eyes safe from small items able to stick in the eye or from the sun.
Speed Bump
Neck and back supports for supporting neck and back from injuries while working or carrying heavy things.
Traffic / Barrier ConesTraffic / Barrier Cones
Traffic or barrier cones for protection of stopped vehicles and pedestrians at dangerous citations.

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150 CM BOOT LACESDEWALT WORKWEAR 150 CM BOOT LACES Black/Yellow 150Cm Boot LacesBlack/Yellow 150Cm Boot Laces50 in stock£5.10
PU COMFORT INSOLESDEWALT WORKWEAR PU COMFORT INSOLES Polyurethane Comfort InsolesPolyurethane Comfort Insoles20 in stock£16.45

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.