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With a host of transducers such as lasers, LED and light pipes it becomes easier for customers to transfer electricity into light.
Several types of displays such as LCD 7-segment, LDC alphanumerics, LCD graphics, LED 7-segment, LED dot matrix, OLED and VFD.
Electro LuminescentElectro Luminescent
Electro luminescent wires used in vehicle and/or structure decoration, safety and emergency lighting, toys, clothing and as rope light or Christmas lights.
IR EmittersIR Emitters
Infrared emitters for heating, for automotive industry, for many glass processing activities, for printing process, drying of printing ink, for making solar cells and also found in the plastics, food, wood and textile industries, among others.
IR ReceiversIR Receivers
IR receivers for infrared remote controls, with low power consumption they mate well with embedded electronics and can be used with common IR remotes.
Laser diodes and modules for laser devices for applications such as medicine, industry, military, law enforcement, research, commercial products and lighting displays.
LED optoelectronic such as circuit board indicators, high brightness electronics and panel indicators, multicoloured on not, power LED modules and standard LEDs.
LED Arrays & Bar GraphsLED Arrays & Bar Graphs
LED bar arrays are designed for array indication on instruments, meters, communication, computing equipment, and display panels.
LED Arrays & Bar Graphs, MulticolourLED Arrays & Bar Graphs, Multicolour
Multicoloured LED bar arrays designed for array indication on instruments, meters, communication, computing equipment, and display panels with many different colours.
LED Bar Graph Arrays, Multicolour
LED Bar Graph Arrays, Single Colour
Light Dependant ResistorsLight Dependant Resistors
Light dependant resistors can be found in camera light meters, street lights, clock radios, alarm devices, outdoor clocks, solar street lamps and solar road studs, etc.
Light PipesLight Pipes
Light pipes for applications such as solar and hybrid lighting systems and security applications.
Optocouplers for preventing high voltages or rapidly changing voltages on one side of the circuit from damaging components or distorting transmissions on the other side.
Photo DiodesPhoto Diodes
Photo diodes for consumer electronics devices such as compact disc players, smoke detectors, and the receivers for infrared remote control devices used to control equipment from televisions to air conditioners.
Photo TransistorsPhoto Transistors
Photo transistors suitable in some applications, providing high levels of gain at low cost.

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