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Office Consumables for every day use in businesses such as laminates, presentation aids, staplers, trimmers, furniture, stationery, calculators.
Office accessories such as cleaning kits, magnetic head clean cards, screen-clean sets, tally counters, circle or oval templates, stamp pads, etc.
Ash Bin
Binding MachineBinding Machine
Binding machine and accessories for binding together stacks of papers for organizing and making them books.Binding machine for binding together stacks of papers in order to making them books or notebooks.
Desktop, hand-held or pocket calculators, printing or scientific calculators and converters for simple or much intricate calculations.
Quartz, analogue or digital clocks, for wall mounting or hand wore and for checking the working hours of each employee.
Waste-paper baskets, pen holders, computer chairs, desks and workstations, shelving, laptop tables, footrests, magazine racks and other office furniture.
Paper guillotines for straight cutting of many papers simultaneously.
Hole PunchHole Punch
Hole punches in many sizes for opening holes in paper and other soft and thin material for organisation purposes.
Label PrinterLabel Printer
Label printers for supplying chain management, retailing price marking, packaging labels, blood and laboratory specimen marking, and fixed assets management.
Label Printer Tape
Label printer tapes for printing whatever the user wants in the compatible printer and easily peeling and sticking them whenever he wants.
Laminator and laminator accessories for laminating every paper for protection purposes.A3 and A4 laminators for laminating papers in these sizes for protection purposes.
Overhead ProjectorOverhead Projector
Overhead projector for projecting slides on the wall or a specific surface for presentation purposes.
Picture FramePicture Frame
Picture frames in many colours, shapes and materials for decorative purposes.
Presentation AidsPresentation Aids
Dry-wipe or flax boards, flip-charts, notice boards and push pins, clip frames, whiteboard erasers and markers and many other presentation accessories for easier and more productive presentations.
Refreshments for office and domestic use such as coffee in many flavours, chocolate and tea and kitchenware such as plastic or glass caps, napkins, forks, knives, plates and straws.
Paper shredders and accessories for paper cutting and distraction of office documents.Paper shredders for destroying many papers at the same time for better organizing of the office.
Heavy duty or simpler staplers for docking stacks of papers together.
Different types of timers for countdown measurement and time measurement.
Trimmers for trimming paper edges and hole punchers for opening holes on paper sheets.

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.