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Power management is made simpler with IC?s like controllers, current regulators, amplifiers and switches for virtually any modern day electronic device.
AD ConvertorAD Convertor
Analogue to digital converters for music reproduction technology and digital signal processing.
Audio power, logarithmic, current sense, operational, video, instrument or programmable gain amplifiers and sensor conditioners for increasing the power of a signal by use of an external energy source.
Analogue SwitchesAnalogue Switches
Analogue switches for conducting analogue signals in either direction when on and isolates the switched terminals when off.
Audio CODECsAudio CODECs
Audio codecs for encoding analogue audio as digital signals and digital back into analogue, used in sound cards that support both audio in and out.
Battery ManagementBattery Management
Battery charge controllers for preventing overcharging and overvoltage, also preventing completely draining a battery, or performing controlled discharges, depending on the battery technology, to protect battery life.
Real time clocks or snaphat batteries and crystals for coordinating actions of cicruits.
Single or dual comparator for comparing two voltages or currents and switching its output to indicate which is larger, commonly used in devices such as analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs).
Ethernet, PFC or PMW controllers for controlling a variety of devices such as floppy disks, parallel ports, serial ports, keyboard, and mouse.
Current RegulatorsCurrent Regulators
Current regulators for providing a constant current regardless of changes in the input voltage or load current.
DA ConvertorDA Convertor
Digital to analogue converters for converting digital to analogue signal for audio, video and mechanical applications.
Analogue multipliers for applications such as variable-gain amplifiers, ring modulators, product detectors, frequency mixers, analogue computers, analogue signal processing, automatic gain control, true RMS converters, analogue filters and PAM-pulse amplitude modulations.
IGBT, MOSFET, laser diode, relay, line-LVDS, motor, LED, Line-RS232/RS422/RS458 or peripheral drivers for controlling other circuits or components.
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory for storing small amounts of data that must be saved when power is removed, e.g., calibration tables or device configuration.
EPROM, Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, for retaining their data when their power supply is switched off.
Flash memories for firmware storage and hard drive or RAM replacement.
Frequency/Voltage converters for integrating A/D converters, serial frequency output, isolated data transmission, FM analogue signal mod/demod, motor speed controlling and tachometers.
Hall Effect Switches & LatchesHall Effect Switches & Latches
Hall effect switches for low-power portable devices with battery operating voltages from 2.5V to 5.5V.
CAN buses, isolators, I/O expanders, USB interfaces or interface bridges for several applications in various devices.
ALUs, decoders/encoders, identify/magnitude comparators, multipliers and dividers, translators, buffers and transceivers and other logic ICs for several devices.
Memory - FPGA Configuration
Microcontrollers for automatically controlling products and devices, such as automobile engine control systems, implantable medical devices, remote controls, office machines, appliances, power tools, toys and other embedded systems.
Microprocessor Supervisors / Voltage DetectorsMicroprocessor Supervisors / Voltage Detectors
Microprocessor supervisors for monitoring and maintaining system activity and voltage detectors for measuring voltage levels.
Various manufacturers CPUs such as AMD APU or ATHLON II, Intel Celeron, Intel Core I3, I5 or I7 and Intel Pentium.
Non-volatile Random Access Memories for retaining their information when power is turned off and static random-access memories (SRAM) for maintaining data only for as long as power is applied.
Phase Lock LoopPhase Lock Loop
Phase-locked loops for synchronization purposes, in space communications for coherent demodulation and threshold extension, for demodulating frequency-modulated signals and synthesizing new frequencies which are a multiple of a reference frequency, with the same stability as the reference frequency.
Power Load Distribution Switches
Power Management - Multi FunctionPower Management - Multi Function
DC/CD dual converters and off line switchers for PC board power management.
RFICs operating in radio frequency range for modulation and demodulation, RF amplifiers and RF mixers/multipliers.
RMS to DC converters for noise measurement, thermal reading devices, LC meters, hearing testing, power grid management, industrial heating systems, etc.
Sensor IC'sSensor IC's
IC sensors for acceleration, half effect, capacitive touch, pressure, current or temperature measurements.
Special FunctionSpecial Function
Waveform generators, zero cross switches, encoders for remote controls, energy meters, I/O expanders and other special function IC's.
Static-random access memory for clock rate and power on general purpose products or integrated on chips, embedded use, personal computers, workstations, routers and peripheral equipment.
Switches, Multiplexers & DemultiplexersSwitches, Multiplexers & Demultiplexers
Analogue multiplexers sharing for several analogue signals to one device or resource and analogue demultiplexers for taking a single input signal and selecting one of many data-output-lines.
Timers, Oscillators & Pulse GeneratorsTimers, Oscillators & Pulse Generators
Timers, oscillators and pulse generators for counting the time or pulses for PCB programming purposes.
TV / VideoTV / Video
Video sync separators for television receivers, for detecting the sync voltage levels and sorting the pulses into horizontal and vertical sync. TV/Video ICs and video amplifiers for controlling video and television circuits.
Voltage ReferencesVoltage References
Voltage references used in power supply voltage regulators, analogue-to-digital converters and digital-to-analogue converters, and myriad other measurement and control systems.
Voltage RegulatorsVoltage Regulators
AC-DC converters or DC-DC converters and linear or LDO voltage regulators for computer power supplies, in automobile alternators and central power station generator plants and in electric power distribution systems.

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