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Fasteners to mechanically join or affix two or more objects together.
Carriage, hexagon head, expansion or eye bolts for tightening together different kind of objects and materials. Roofing bolts and nuts for roof fastening and mounting and u-bolts in the shape of U.
Security chains, door chains, stainless chains and welded chains for many different purposes and every day use.
Mast, worktop, truss, aerial, speaker, headphone or grill clamps for fastening many different devices.
Mounting, retaining or tool clips, hose, grounding or cable clamps for holding or securing objects tightly together to prevent movement or separation through the application of inward pressure.
Door FittingsDoor Fittings
Gate latches and springs, letters plates, letters and numerals, magnetic catches, letter boxes and other door fittings for interior and exterior doors.
Door StopDoor Stop
Door stops in different sizes and shapes for holding doors open or closed, or for preventing a door from opening too widely.
Dowel PinsDowel Pins
Dowel pins for as axles in toys, detents, structural reinforcements in cabinet making, supports for tiered wedding cakes, as furniture shelf supports, moveable game pieces and as supports for hanging items such as clothing, key rings, tools, toilet roll dispensers and picture frames.
Elasticated CordElasticated Cord
Bungee cords and sets and claw roof rack cords for securing objects without tying knots and absorbing shock.
Frame or hammer fixings, plasterboard anchors, rimless or rimmed nylon wallplugs for enabling the attachment of a screw in material that is porous or brittle or that would otherwise not support the weight of the object attached with the screw.
Hanging TabsHanging Tabs
Mini clips for gripping thinner flexible material, mesh and netting, gardening and horticulture applications and various stage/TV events and midi clips for gripping up to 6mm thick fabrics.
Handles, corner plates, basin plugs, brackets, corner braces, screw cover caps, mending plates, picture hooks, and other hardware equipment for mounting and fastening a wide variety of objects.
Different shapes and sizes of hinges for connecting two solid objects, typically allowing only a limited angle of rotation between them and connecting them by an ideal hinge rotate relative to each other about a fixed axis of rotation.
Hat and coat hooks, magnetic hooks, gate hooks, metal hangers, hook rails and also a wide variety of hooks for domestic or industrial use.
Utility, switch, universal cross or radiator keys for many different mechanical purposes and applications.
Nails of different thickness, length and material for mounting and putting together several kinds of material and objects.
Caged, full, wing, captive, half, flanged or self locking nuts for fastening a stack of parts together.
Cotter, hair, hitch, roll or spring tension pins for a vast variety of uses.
Rivets used in applications where light weight and high strength are critical, such as in an aircraft.
Different thickness, colour and material ropes for trussing and tying any kind of materials and objects.
Coach, self tapping, wood, grub, set, machine or socket screws for screwing different kinds of material.
D-shackles for taking high loads primarily in line, siding and racking loads.
Feet and PCB mounting used as spacers for separating one assembly from another. Aluminium, brass, PCB or plastic spacers, circular or with different shapes, with a wide range of diameters and lengths.
Spacers & Feet
Spring Tension PinSpring Tension Pin
Spring tension pins for securing the position of two or more parts of a machine relative to each other as self retaining fasteners.
Several types of staple for joining or binding materials together and staple gun for masonry, roofing, corrugated boxes and other heavy-duty uses.
Tie down and ratchet straps for holding down cargo or equipment during transport.
Chemical fixing, stainless steel or threaded bar studs in various diameters and lengths for keeping the walls of a building in parallel and from bulging.
Plastic tie wire reinforced with steel wire, supplied on plastic reel with cutter for many purposes in or outside the garden.
Fibre, shakeproof, nylon, spring or plain washers for distributing the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut.
Wire RopeWire Rope
Wire ropes of different thickness for being stressed mainly by bending and secondly by tension and for carrying tensile forces.

Order CodeManufacturer Part NoNameDescriptionAvailability Unit Price (Inc. VAT)Qty
APS100ARCTIC HAYES APS100 Service Access Panel 100 X 150MmService Access Panel 100 X 150Mm15 in stock£15.10
APS150ARCTIC HAYES APS150 Service Access Panel 150 X 230MmService Access Panel 150 X 230Mm5 in stock£19.95
APS200ARCTIC HAYES APS200 Service Access Panel 200 X 230MmService Access Panel 200 X 230Mm5 in stock£24.85
APS300ARCTIC HAYES APS300 Service Access Panel 300 X 300MmService Access Panel 300 X 300Mm10 in stock£29.55
FRPS1ARCTIC HAYES FRPS1 Fire Rated Access Panel 300Mm X 300MmFire Rated Access Panel 300Mm X 300Mm2 in stock£180.10
PENN ELCOM - Feet Large With Fixings 40mm (Pk4) - F1686-PE4
F1686-PE4PENN ELCOM - Feet Large With Fixings 40mm (Pk4) - F1686-PE4Feet Large With Fixings 40mm (Pk4)50 in stock£8.45
PENN ELCOM - Feet Large With Fixings 43mm (Pk4) - F1615-PE4
F1615-PE4PENN ELCOM - Feet Large With Fixings 43mm (Pk4) - F1615-PE4Feet Large With Fixings 43mm (Pk4)20 in stock£8.95
PENN ELCOM - Feet Med With Fixings 38mm (Pk4) - F1687-PE4
F1687-PE4PENN ELCOM - Feet Med With Fixings 38mm (Pk4) - F1687-PE4Feet Med With Fixings 38mm (Pk4)15 in stock£7.55

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.