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Connector components such as circular cable sealing, circular housings, D-sub contacts, D-sub strain relief, pin and socket contacts, circular clamps, circular inserts, etc.
Circular Cable SealingCircular Cable Sealing
Sealing for circular cables in order to prevent the penetration of foreign substances into the body of the cable parts.
Circular Clamps/Strain ReliefsCircular Clamps/Strain Reliefs
Circular clamps and strain reliefs in order to control the movement of the cables as they exit their connectors.
Circular ContactsCircular Contacts
Crimp or solder pins and sockets for easier and safer contact of circular connectors with cables.
Circular HousingsCircular Housings
Circular housings for keeping safe the circular connectors.
Circular InsertsCircular Inserts
Circular inserts for protecting circular pin connectors.
D Sub BackshellsD Sub Backshells
D-sub backshells and hoods for making up the total connector assembly of a D-sub connector.
D Sub ContactsD Sub Contacts
Several different methods such as solder bucket or crimp contacts for attaching wires to the contacts in D-sub connectors.
D Sub FerrulesD Sub Ferrules
D-sub ferrules for reinforcement or preventing splitting of D-sub connectors.
D Sub HousingsD Sub Housings
Several types of housings for D-sub contacts and connector.
D Sub Jack Screws
D Sub Screwlocks & Slidelocks
D Sub Strain ReliefsD Sub Strain Reliefs
D-sub strain reliefs for protecting and controlling the bend of a cable at its connection point.
Pin & Socket Connector HousingsPin & Socket Connector Housings
Housings for protecting and locking pin and socket connectors.
Pin & Socket ContactsPin & Socket Contacts
Coaxial, crimp sockets and contacts for connecting pins and sockets to cables.
Rectangular Power Contacts
Rectangular Power Inserts / Modules

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