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Audio and visual equipment such as camcorders, DVD players, headphones and microphones, televisions, projectors, volume controls, remote controls and portable multimedia. 3D glasses in many shapes and colours
Distribution amplifiers, splitters and extenders, instrument combos, optical amplifiers, pre-amplifiers. Stereo, mixer, vehicle, power, acoustic guitar, bass amplifiers for increasing the power of a signal.
AV over CAT 5AV over CAT 5
Audio/video devices over CAT5 cabling with HDMI+IR+RS232 or VGA(RGB)+AUDIO.
AV over CAT 5/6/7
AV over Fiber OpticAV over Fiber Optic
Audio/Visual devices over fibre optic for carrying vast amounts of data.
Camcorders and accessories for out-of-studio consumer video recording. In this category there are digital camcorders with various device characteristics such as full HD and waterproof.
CD and Audio Media Players/RecordersCD and Audio Media Players/Recorders
CD/MP3 players, docking stations, hard drive recorders and controllers portable or not for playing or recording media.
Cleaning/Care ProductsCleaning/Care Products
Cleaning products for LCD or other screens, records, BLU RAY and DVD/CD lenses.
Converters and InterfacesConverters and Interfaces
Different kinds of audio and video converters to convert any input to another data format.
DVD and Video Media Players/RecordersDVD and Video Media Players/Recorders
CD/DVD media players, BLU RAY and Wi-Fi players, home cinemas from companies with experience in audio visual devices.
Effects UnitsEffects Units
Effects units and accessories for altering how a musical instrument or other audio source sounds. Audio controllers, lanterns and LED light effects and scanners for professional or domestic use.
Finished Loudspeakers
Wired or wireless headphones and headphones for noise reduction to listen to music privately.
Headphones with MicrophoneHeadphones with Microphone
Headphones with microphone for receiving and sending audio signal.
Karaoke systems for professional or domestic use with features such as DVD players, IPAD or PC connection, amplifiers, USB/SD/HDMI.
LCD Screens/MonitorsLCD Screens/Monitors
LED Message BoardsLED Message Boards
LED message boards for professional or domestic use in different colours with fixed or free text.
Horn speakers, bass speakers, sub woofers, loud speakers, portable speakers with usb, monitor speakers.
Media DuplicatorsMedia Duplicators
Disk publishers, DVD duplicators and colour cartridges for disc duplicators for burning blank CDs and DVDs.
Wired or wireless microphones for telephones, tape recorders, karaoke systems, hearing aids, FRS radios, megaphones and in computers for recording voice, speech recognition and VoIP.
Audio and visual mixers for mixing sounds and motion pictures. Mixing consoles for combining, routing, and changing the level, timbre and/or dynamics of audio signals and other types of mixers mostly for professional use.
MP3, MP4 and Portable MultimediaMP3, MP4 and Portable Multimedia
Portable devices for listening to music such as mp3 and mp4 players, i-pod nano, i-pod shuffle, i-pod touch, game pads and accessories.
Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments
Electronic drum kits, violins, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, clarinets, flutes, cornets, trombones, keyboards, saxophones, clarinets and many other electronic or classic musical instruments
PA Systems and KitsPA Systems and Kits
Public address systems (PA) with microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers, to allow someone addressing a large public.
Projectors & Presentation EquipmentProjectors & Presentation Equipment
Projection screens and projectors for presentation purposes and film screenings. Projector controllers and amplifiers for making mush easier and more professional use of projectors.
Many types of radios such as VHF multi band, wideband, AM/FM/SW, solar/wind up, scanners, clock radios, portable radios, radios with MP3, sports radios and retro radios.
Remote Controls and AccessoriesRemote Controls and Accessories
A wide range of remote controls for television sets, DVD players and home theatre systems originally used for operating the device wirelessly from a short line-of-sight distance.
Signal ConditioningSignal Conditioning
Signal conditioning equipment for manipulating an analogue signal in such a way that it meets the requirements of the next stage for further processing.
Stand & SupportsStand & Supports
Stands and support for LCD/Plasma screens and other screens and devices. Stands for screens and laptops, wall mounting, game and TV stands, brackets, microphone stands, etc.
DVD organizers and cases, flight cases, foam inlays, paper and CD sleeves and other equipment for storing audio/video devices.
Styluses and spares such as DJ cartridges, groove tools, turn tablist scratches and phono cartridges.
Switches for audio and visual devices with several inputs/outputs such as HDMI, SCART, DVI, VGA+AUDIO, VGA/XGA, etc.
Televisions and TunersTelevisions and Tuners
Televisions and TV tuners from well-known companies with years of experience in audio/visual devices. Televisions from 15.6 up to 42 with various features such as LED, HD, TV/DVD, 1080P, LCD, PLASMA from well-known companies such as Sony, Samsung, etc.
Volume ControlsVolume Controls
Volume controls or controlling the sound volume in loudspeakers and headphones, line attenuators and program selectors.
Wall Plates and Floor BoxesWall Plates and Floor Boxes
RGB and HDMI wall plates, VGA+AUDIO or USB floor boxes for a clean and modular termination where there might otherwise be a crude hole and protruding cables.
Wireless Transmitters and ReceiversWireless Transmitters and Receivers
Wireless senders and antennas, receivers and extenders transmit and receive different kinds of signals.

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New Brand - Earphone Pads (3 Pairs) - SS-13
SS-13New Brand - Earphone Pads (3 Pairs) - SS-13EARPHONE PADS (3 PAIRS)200 in stock£1.80
THUMBS UP - 3D Glasses Passive Yellow Junior - MAMMA MIA YELLOW

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.