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Aerial & Satellite Equipment such as Satellite TV Accessories and Satellite Receivers for receiving and converting TV signal.
Aerial/Satellite Amplifiers & DistributionAerial/Satellite Amplifiers & Distribution
Amplifiers for increasing the power of a signal by use of an external energy source and distribution amplifiers that accept a single input signal and provide this same signal to multiple isolated outputs.
Different types of antennas to receive microwaves from communications satellites, which transmit data transmissions or broadcasts, such as satellite television.
Different types of attenuators for reducing the amplitude or power of a signal without appreciably distorting its waveform.
Interference FiltersInterference Filters
A new range of UHF bandpass filters, intended for blocking unwanted reception of transmissions from an adjacent region.
Low-noise block down converters (or LNB) for receiving the microwave signal from the satellite and converting it to a signal that can be carried to the indoor satellite TV receiver.
Satellite ReceiversSatellite Receivers
Satellite receivers and kits for receiving unencrypted broadcasts, with card readers or high definition broadcast.
Satellite TV AccessoriesSatellite TV Accessories
Link+sky+remote kits and signal extenders to bridge the gap between 2 antennas.
Signal ConvertorSignal Convertor
2-way antenna switches for collecting input signals and transforming them into an outgoing signal in another form.
Signal SplitterSignal Splitter
Signal splitters/combiners, diplexers, triplexes, up to 8-way splitters for splitting the signal from an aerial/satellite equipment.
Wall Plates & OutletsWall Plates & Outlets
Wall plates, outlet plates, weatherproof sockets and modules in order to supply power to aerial and satellite equipment.

Order CodeManufacturer Part NoNameDescriptionAvailability Unit Price (Inc. VAT)Qty
LABGEAR - Rf Modulator - MOD111
MOD111LABGEAR - Rf Modulator - MOD111RF MODULATOR0 in stock£72.75
New Brand - Rf Modulator - Mains Connected - 27851R
27851RNew Brand - Rf Modulator - Mains Connected - 27851RRF MODULATOR - MAINS CONNECTED10 in stock£73.95
New Brand - Wideband Rf Modulator - KRFTW
KRFTWNew Brand - Wideband Rf Modulator - KRFTWWIDEBAND RF MODULATOR3 in stock£60.65
TRIAX - Modulator Tri-Link Kit - 370407
370407TRIAX - Modulator Tri-Link Kit - 370407MODULATOR TRI-LINK KIT10 in stock£98.95

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