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Circuit breakers, fans, lamps, power supplies, switches and tools are just a sampling of the accessories you will find in our inventory.
Audio Visual
Battery chargers, battery contacts, battery holders and battery modular contacts for making the use of batteries much easier.
Cable Management
Cable management with the help of blanking plugs, tools, cable ties, hook and loop fasteners, sleeving tools, wire markers, cable clips, etc.
Capacitor AccessoriesCapacitor Accessories
Accessories for capacitors such as BHC and KEMET clamps and LCR cap clips.
Chemical accessories such as applicators, swabs, dispensers, lubricators to make chemical usage easier and safer.
Circuit Breaker Accessories
Controller accessories such as I/O cable assemblies and I/O modules.
Consumer units accessories and fittings.
Fan accessories such as filters and finger guards for healthier and safer use of fans.
Fuse accessories such as handle pins, littelfuse caps and covers and insulating PVC covers.
HVAC accessories like ducting kits used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to deliver and remove air.
Knobs, Accessories
Accessories for lamps such as lamps sockets, starters and ballasts. More specific lamp accessories such as solar LED lights, lamp bases, cables, adaptors, brackets, bulbs and leads.
LED AccessoriesLED Accessories
Many and different types of prism LEDs in red, blue, green and white.
LED ClipsLED Clips
LED holders sealed or not, round or square, mounting clips and different colour of lenses.
LED LensesLED Lenses
LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other lighting. They are available across the visible, ultraviolet, and infra-red wavelengths, with very high brightness.
Optoelectronics & DisplaysOptoelectronics & Displays
Optoelectronic that source, detect and control light, and displays such as LCD panels and inverters.
Panel DisplayPanel Display
Panel display accessories for range panel meters of scale type.
Potentiometer AccessoriesPotentiometer Accessories
Accessories for potentiometers such as trim tool sets and trimming tools.
Power SuppliesPower Supplies
Power supplies for littelite lamps, notebooks, DR-05 and DR-07.
Relays used to control a circuit by a low-power signal. Also in this category someone can find clips, dust covers, noise filters and relay sockets.
Resistor AccessoriesResistor Accessories
Ceramic stand-off spacer and mounting servo kit as resistor accessories.
Accessories for sensors such as encoder code wheels, mounting devices, reflectors, sensor cable assemblies, sensor connectors and thermocouple connectors.
Accessories for storage purposes such as bins, shelves and trays for a better organized working environment
Accessories for switches such as labels, connectors, tubing, lamp holders, covers and seals.
Test & MeasurementTest & Measurement
Test and measurement accessories such as AC power adaptors and kits or certificate books, cases, meters, fibre optics etc.
Tools accessories for sockets, synthetic grids, stands and clamps.
Tools, Air PoweredTools, Air Powered
Accessories for air powered tools such as air brush kits and air receivers
Audio transformers, clips and coil formers
Accessories for welding such as wires,electrodes, regulators, frames and gas.

Order CodeManufacturer Part NoNameDescriptionAvailability Unit Price (Inc. VAT)Qty
333000ARCTIC HAYES 333000 Strikes Smoke Matches Tub 25Strikes Smoke Matches Tub 2520 in stock£3.90
333003BARCTIC HAYES 333003B 3G Smoke Cartridges - Grey (Tub 100)3G Smoke Cartridges - Grey (Tub 100)2 in stock£61.20
333009ARCTIC HAYES 333009 9G Smoke Cartridges - Grey (Pk 10)9G Smoke Cartridges - Grey (Pk 10)10 in stock£12.15
33300BARCTIC HAYES 33300B Strikes Smoke Matches Tub 100Strikes Smoke Matches Tub 1000 in stock£12.30
333113ARCTIC HAYES 333113 Smoke Stick Kit3 - Smoke Pen + 3 SticksSmoke Stick Kit3 - Smoke Pen + 3 Sticks10 in stock£48.75
664047ARCTIC HAYES 664047 Radiator Drain Down Hose With Clip-10MRadiator Drain Down Hose With Clip-10M10 in stock£61.30
888000ARCTIC HAYES 888000 U Flow - Water Flow MeasureU Flow - Water Flow Measure3 in stock£48.95
DT1ARCTIC HAYES DT1 Radiator Draining KitRadiator Draining Kit3 in stock£29.75
Unbranded , 10016111 , Vcfl Straight Filling Loop
10016111Unbranded , 10016111 , Vcfl Straight Filling LoopVcfl Straight Filling Loop1 in stock£15.55

Ideal for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of patios / paths, stairways and vehicles.